With the intent of combining the ethereal dream pop tones of his former band Dark Orange with the (post) punk influence of bands like Hüsker Dü, Sonic Youth or the Cure, songwriter and fuzz-reverb-Lover Dirk Knight launched Seasurfer in 2013. Referring to the new project as dream punk, Knight gathered several musicians from the scene around him in recent years to make his sound come true.


Based in Hamburg, he started with singer Dorian E. from Berlin and bassist Mikel Wegener. A short set of early demos landed them a deal with US-shoegaze/dream pop enthusiasts Saint Marie Records who featured them first on their 'Static Waves II' compilation with a remix of 'We Run' by Harald Löwy (Chandeen) soon after.

Their first digital singles “Stay” and “We Run” quickly gained the attention of both critics and listeners and Seasurfer then set about recording their debut LP “Dive In” which arrived in June 2014, mastered by Karl Skivington from fellow UK-shoegazers “Spotlight Kid” and also by Dirks musical mentor Robin Guthrie from the “Cocteau Twins”. It was followed by their digital single for “Cloudjumping” in November.

Then first staff changes: Singer Apolonia from Hamburg and OZ from Paris, also guitarist Jojo Brandt and new bassplayer Marc Wilkes and Volker Zacharias came to the band. Two new songs song 'Waves' and the Slowdive cover of 'Dagger' are to find on the 'Static Waves 3' compilation from Saint Marie Records. Their noisy and dreamy, yet powerful sound brought them huge acclaim amongst lovers of bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine and Cocteau Twins.

In 2015, Julia Beyer, who is also singer of german Dreampopband “Chandeen”, joined Dirk. The band was completed by Jojo Brand on 2nd guitar, Volker Zacharias, well known from his work with “Cassandra Complex” and “Girls Under Glass”, on the bass and scene freak Benny Ruess playing drums. The band launched a successful crowdfunding releasing shirts, bagdes, poster, a limited 4-track vinyl "headlights" and a live-CD. They were playing a small club tour with shows in Cologne, Berlin and Hamburg together with the Shoegazer “Last Leaf Down” from the Suisse and also the well-known WGT-Festival in Leipzig where they were on stage with the Essence and the Exploding Boy.  

In autumn, Dirk und Julia met Matthew Brown of the US-Band “Trespassers William” in his studio in Hannover recording “the roads we take”. Matthews mix of the song is to find on the “Static Waves 4” compilation. 

In 2016, Dirk worked on with Julia Beyer and Volker Zacharias. They recorded vocals with Harald Löwy in Weimar, Oyèmi Noize from Dresdens shoegazer "Jaguwar" did some additional vocals. Later on, Dirk mixed their 2nd album for the first time all by himself. It was mastered again by Karl Skivington at EnvelopeAM in Nottingham. “Under the milky way…who cares” was released  in march 2017 again by US-Label Saint Marie Records. Later on, the band was playing the NCN-Festival in Leipzig and also some Club Shows in Berlin, Hamburg and for the first time in Portugal in the Hard Club in Porto.

Since 2017, Dirk and Apolonia have been working more intensely together, releasing the EP "Vampires"

in 2018 and the following singles "Venusberg",  "Lovers Breakdown", "Too Wild" and "SOS" which will be featured on the album "Zombies" coming in December 2020.  


Furthermore, the CD edition comes up with a second disc including the 8-track mini-album “The Dreampop Days” that Dirk recorded with guest singer Elena Alice Fossi from Italian dark wave band Kirlian Camera. Two songs, among them the 2019 single “Blue Days”, were mixed by 4AD producer legend John Fryer (Depeche Mode, Cocteau Twins, Lush, Nine Inch Nails, This Mortal Coil).