When The Sun Hits 2017 (English)


Popmonitor 2017 (German)

The Big Takeover magazine (English)


Rebel Noise magazine (English)


Alternative Musik Blog (German)


Unter-Ton magazine (German)


The Blog That Celebrates Itself (Portuguese)





ATWOOD magazine 2017 (English) 2017 (German)


forestpunk journal 2017 (English)


SomeWhereCold Blog 2017 (English)

When The Sun Hits Blog 2017 (English)

Coast is Clear Blog 2017 (German)

Musikyra Blog 2017 (Sweden)


Side-Line magazine (English)


Songwriting Magazine (English)


It's Psychedelic Baby magazine (English)


Leonard's Lair Blog (English) (English)


Deadly Music (English)


Reflections of Darkness magazine (English)


Sonic Seducer magazine (German)


Tombstone Webzine (German)


OX Fanzine (German)


Alternative Music Blog (German)


Neben dem Strom Blog (German)

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